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Top 9 Balding Myths

Balding is a common problem for men and women alike. However, many of us are worried of balding even if we need not to worry or are safe from being affected such disorder. To keep us free from unnecessary worries, we have listed below a few of the top balding myths. These myths will surely enlighten us and will keep us free from worrying and being aware at the same time.

  1. Balding only happens to older guys – men may tend to deny what they see in the mirror, but it is a fact that male pattern baldness starts in their early teens. It is most common for guys in their 20s and 30s. Guys should note too that they earlier their hair starts to lose, the more drastic it will become in the future.
  2. You can inherit balding from your mother’s side – it has been known on research in 2005 by German researchers that a hair loss gene appears in a way of the X chromosomes we got from our mothers. However, in 2008, it has been known that the second gene involved in hair loss can be from either parent.
  3. Excessive use of gel and hairspray – while many have believed that using too much hair products can cause balding, there is no strong evidence that this myth is true.
  4. Cutting hair makes it return thicker – there is a belief that dead people can still grow their hair and nails. This belief is definitely not true, so as with the belief that cutting the hair will make the hair re-grow rapidly and thicker. Maybe by trimming regularly, you were able to remove those damaged hair like split ends, but it will not necessary make your hair grow rapidly.
  5. Tanning beds causes balding – yes tanning beds can create many potential health problems like melanoma and other skin cancers, but it will never make your hair go bald and so as with the sun.
  6. You can grow new hair follicles – it is extremely a false belief that we can grow new hair follicles. According to the experts at Bossley Medical Group, the number of hair follicles we got at birth is what we get. We can only increase hair follicles by way of transplant, which is the main procedure done as a permanent solution for hair loss.
  7. Stress can cause balding – we all know that too much stress can cause havoc to your mind and body but it can never cause balding. It can cause your hair to fall out though.
  8. Too much use of shampoo can result to balding – when you see some hairs went to your hand and eventually to the drain as you shower, it is just normal. This does not mean that washing your hair can cause balding. On the other hand, it does not mean either that not washing your hair can cause balding.
  9. Hats can make your go bald– this is definitely not true. Look at those MLB players. They are wearing their hats most of the time but they are not bald.

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