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8 Quick Steps To Burn More Calories

We all need to burn calories to stay healthy. There are many ways to burn calories. We are listing the top ways to burn more calories and enjoy a healthier lifestyle.

  1. Insert a Brief Exercise on Your Busy Day – at work, many of us are just sitting in a passive position, therefore having minimal muscle activation. A few seconds of getting up for your normal sitting position at the office applying some tension on your stomach while pulling your shoulder blades back offers a great help of keeping your muscles strong and healthy.
  2. Eat Spicy Foods – if you are into eating spicy foods, you might notice that you are sweating to death as you enjoy your spicy meal. It is good for you all, especially those who are not into spicy foods to know that spicy foods can help speed up your metabolism. Therefore, help your body burn more calories, better a little spice to your foods.
  3. Move Weights Quickly – generally, an exercise is needed to lower the weight under control. While you are at it, slowly move up quickly as possible. By doing it, you have lowered the recruitment threshold, which means; you are getting more muscle fibers. The more muscle involve in your training the more calories you can burn.
  4. Have Enough Hydration – if you stay hydrated, you surely will enjoy the million benefits it offers. If you are properly hydrated, you will have greater focus and intensity on your training, therefore, you can burn more calories. If you are one of those who do not like the taste of water, you can try low-carb sports drinks.
  5. Add Muscle Mass – unlike other tissues in our body like bone or fat tissues, muscle has the higher metabolic rate. To have your muscles alive and functioning, it will cost you more calories. By just having a few pounds of muscles, you are able to burn more calories throughout the day.
  6. Lift Heavy Weights – lifting heavy objects is another ways to burn more calories. The traditional lightweight, high reps idea is just a waste of time. Please note thought that the thing heavy depends on your capacity. If you already have solid training, you can add some high load like six to eight rep sets and it will surely recruit more muscles.
  7. Eat Foods With High-Quality Protein – keep your metabolism up and eat more foods high in protein like fish and lean meats. The reason behind it is that, it takes more energy or calories to process protein. Reports said that the digestion or absorption process consumes 50% as much calories as protein.
  8. Do High Intensity Interval Training – for your cardio exercise, HIIT or High Intensity Interval Training is the most effective training to burn more calories. It has been reported that interval training burns fats nine times as much fat as per calorie burned making this not only the most effective calorie burner, but the most effective fat burner as well.

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