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Why Are Leg Press Exercises Not Recommended

Working out is not a bad idea but choosing the right machine is imperative because when you have a new workout in your arsenal, you have to make sure that it fits you and you are not damaging your body. There are many cases registered in past year saying that many users of different equipment have destroyed their body parts and ended up in the hospital.

Everybody want to develop their Legs and make it much stronger than before. In many GYMS, they have long press exercise. There is no problem when you are using top build your legs and making it much stronger. However, they have equally disadvantaged when comes to using it for a longer period.

Why Are Leg Press Exercises Not Recommended?

It’s Not Natural

Not many experts would agree with the point I’m making, but it is true that long press exercise is not natural. Let’s take a look at reality and check it. I think we all know that our legs get stronger and better when we are running. Standing up, using stairs and more. Our legs require natural treatments, so ensure that you are working out naturally.  You can read this review of Body-Solid Leg Press & Hack Squat leg press and few other models as well if you are planning to buy one.

Long press exercise is something where you have to stay still and use. Overall, you are only putting an unusual strain on the legs, and you may damage the feet.


If you pay a little attention, then you can check that if you workout to build strength in your right hand, then your left arm would look smaller and lean. In the long press, you face the same scenario after using it months, one of your legs will look larger than the other leg. Sometimes you may have to suffer injuries as well.  – Source


Many GYM trainers think they can handle any pressure and challenges for their trainee, but when you are working out on a Long Press machines, you realize that you are putting a strain on your lower back as well. Back is an imperative part of your body, if you are not careful then the risk of injuring your lower back higher.

Price & Size

Now let’s measure the size of the equipment, which is also another important aspect of any machine. If you are planning to buy one to workout at home, then the size of the product is enormous. It would be difficult if you have less space at your home then you have made enough room for it. The cost of the product is huge; it is an expensive product which comes at $4000 or more. If you have already bought an elliptical machine, read these tips before starting workout.

There are many things which you have to take a look at before you can come to a decision. We are not saying that Long Press is useless, but if you new and lacks knowledge in fitness, then I would recommend avoiding these types of equipment.


Like we have said that if you lack knowledge in the fitness programs, then you better keep your distance until you have enough knowledge and learn how to use it properly. If you have any questions or ideas to share then hit your best in the comment section.