ISA Standards Meetings Calendar

For information about the meetings, contact Charley Robinson.

ANSI Notices for ISA Standards

As part of its accreditation by the American National Standards Institute (ANSI), ISA submits an ANSI project initiation form to announce the start of a standards project to develop a new or revised version of an ISA standard. ISA members and any others who are interested in taking part in these projects are asked to contact Lynne Franke, ISA Standards. 

  • ISA-60534-8-2 (75.07.02), Industrial-Process Control Valves – Part 8-2: Noise considerations – Laboratory measurement of noise generated by hydrodynamic flow through control valves (identical national adoption of IEC 60534-8-2)
  • ISA-60534-8-3 (75.07.03), Industrial-Process Control Valves – Part 8-3: Noise considerations – Control valve aerodynamic noise prediction method (identical national adoption of IEC 60534-8-3)

ISA-TR5.9-2023 Published

ISA-TR5.9-2023, Proportional-Integral-Derivative (PID) Algorithms and Performance, has been published and is available for viewing or purchase. This ISA technical report documents common PID algorithms used in industrial control systems, including the various algorithms’ implementation methods, options, and performance measurements.

AI Workshop

The IEC is offering the ISO/IEC Artificial Intelligence Workshop on 12 June and 14 June 2023 with tentative programs as follows:

  • Session 1: Overview of IEC/ISO SC 42, Beneficial AI, Novel AI Standardization Approaches
  • Session 2: AI Applications – Financial Applications, Emerging Tech Trends and Requirements, Closing Remarks

 More information is available on the JTC1 website. Advance registration is required.

IEC TC 65 Meetings

The 2023 plenary meetings of IEC TC 65, Industrial-process measurement, control and automation took place 20–24 March 2023, hosted by the British Standards Institution in London. IEC TC 65 is the primary technical committee of the International Electrotechnical Commission with which ISA standards committees collaborate.